Minseok being a cute MC on Music Core


(by Amy Merrick)

2NE1 2013 Releases

Pls, Hanbin. This is MY story. And Bobby, don’t laugh at my story.

  • Leeteuk: On hiatus
  • Heechul: Instantly tumblr famous. Directly connected with his Instagram
  • Hangeng: Inspirational posts
  • Yesung: Mouse Rabbit. Y style. Turtles. Selcas. That is all
  • Kangin: Eunhae Shipper
  • Shindong: Food porn
  • Sungmin: That one little shit who never goes on
  • Eunhyuk: Nothing but anime and trolling
  • Zhoumi: Fashion. His blog would be fabulous
  • Donghae: Dedicates his blog to pictures of him and his bf
  • Siwon: Wonkyu shipper
  • Ryeowook: Exotic. Kyungsoo biased
  • Kibum: Posts something every other year just to let you know that he's still alive
  • Kyuhyun: Starcraft, RS, and kyu-line
  • Henry: Fanboy blog. Mostly f(x) and Sistar